Leaving It All Behind

by Glenna Luschei

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Published 2011
Presa Press

In this collection, Luschei’s poems somehow keep their feet in two worlds at once.

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Glenna Luschei’s poems are constructed of both equal parts of both expressionism and impressionism. Her special ability is to synthesize the external and internal worlds.

“Luschei’s juxtaposition of poems in which she travels dreams, and ultimately lives, serve as a reminder that life, for the living, does not stop and should not stop even when it has been flooded with grief. Given Luschei’s sharp, precise and pointed verse, she is undoubtedly an important voice in contemporary English poetry…”

JoSelle Vanderhooft, The Pedestal Magazine

This Is The Church

By Glenna Luschei

Winter is shedding her skin.
The last thin
snow is a cobweb
in the eaves.

Your love
is threading my ribs.
Free as a spider
I glide to you.

See the sun
through the fingers of trees.
This is the church.
This is the steeple.
These are the lilies at the edge of spring.

Glenna Luschei, photograph by David Holmes