Lift your glasses to a poem from Solo Press

Date Poet Title
7 08/12/2018 Alexis Gomez Rosa & Suzanne Jill Levine Miles Davis
6 08/05/2018 Elizabeth Schott Poem to Myself at Sixteen
5 07/28/2018 Ivan BrownOtter Swirling Stardust into the Universe
4 07/08/2018 Paul Haller Back to the Glens
3 07/08/2018 Naomi Shihab Nye Help
2 07/08/2018 Brian Landis In The Canyon
1 07/01/2018 Corn Goddess Fourth of July

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  • Glenna Luschei, Abiding Publisher and Editor Emeritus
  • Benjamin Daniel Lawless, Editor in Chief
  • Tom Harrington, International Editor
  • Rena Ferro, Managing Editor