Hakafot by Lisa Malul

Hakafot is a Hebrew word meaning “to circle,” specifically referring to the Battle of Jericho. This poem by Lisa Malul is an honest portrait of a couple, the two individuals that make a relationship, and the details that bind them to one another.

Photo courtesy Brian Landis


by Lisa Malul

for Jacov

This mix of brass, steel and
finely sanded wood

a gift from his father.

He carved seeds into masks,
sharpened arrows,

recognized walking sticks
in the forest,

invited them home to take shape,

give a body balance
on the path.


All the while seed and soil, sowing and reaping.

Hakafot, our steps, seven times around each other,
just as Joshua circled the walls of Jericho.

What path brought you, my harvest, my love.

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