Long Playing in the Jazz Café by Enrique Sacerio-Gari

A paradise for some. For others, another day at work.

Photo Courtesy Brian Landis

Long Playing in the Jazz Café

Smooth moves
the instruments gyrate
on the wall where invisible
the man plays his bass.

The waiters
float around the notes
of the tourists
who don’t know
the ways of rum.

The frozen smiles
beating like drums,
eyeing hips and butts
to goose in Havana.

They tip back their drinks
to play in the Jazz Café
with a girl on each arm
dreaming inside the curved glass,
two faces long playing
simultaneous gyrations
balancing the needle of Cuba.

Voices accompanied
by the headless quartet
speak softly the words:
It had to be you,
Nobody but you.

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