LXXXV by Tomás González & Glenna Luschei

The imagery is strong and the language precise, but above all I love how this poem changes perspective right at the end. This one is from Tomás González’ book The Mangrove Swamp, Manglares, and our Abiding Publisher and Editor Emeritus Glenna Luschei contributes the translation.

Photo Courtesy Brian Landis

Tomás González


Las naranjas caídas,
múltiples barrancos de un mismo acantilado,
se pudrían despacio en la llovizna,
azules en la tierra muy mojada.

Oscuridad de naranjos, cafetos, platanares.

Sus moscas volaban serenas
sobre la turbulencia del caos.

Translation by Glenna Luschei


The fallen oranges,
many rock-falls from the same crag,
were rotting slowly in the drizzle,
blue in the drenched ground.

Darkness of orange trees, coffee trees, banana trees.

Flies drift serenely
above the turbulence.

Photo Courtesy Carla Veronica

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  • Glenna Luschei, Abiding Publisher and Editor Emeritus
  • Benjamin Daniel Lawless, Editor in Chief
  • Tom Harrington, International Editor
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